Interactive console

At the end of each time step Ocellaris will optionally open an interactive console so that you can inspect the internal state of the simulation. To access this pres d then Enter (“d” for debug). At the end of the next time step the console should open and you will have full access to the internal variables. The variables are listed so that you can get a head start.


This only works when running interactively on 1 CPU

Most of the variables are described in the Simulation classes API documentation under the attribute.

If you press Ctrl+d inside the interactive console Ocellaris will continue running the time loop. If you type exit() or quit() you will stop Ocellaris and return to the command line immediately.

It is also possible to specify that the console should open at the end of the simulation. If you want this put the following on the input file:

console_at_end: true

This can be very useful for ad-hoc postprocessing of the simulation results.